President’s Message


Dear fellow Rotarians:
Thank you…
  • For entrusting me with the responsibility of leading this great club as we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic

  • For the leadership of previous presidents each of whom has contributed their gifts to keeping the club growing and strong

  • For the commitment and energy of the members who have stepped into key roles this year and in the past, bringing new ideas and helping us make a difference in our community

Continuity and Change

The year ahead will be characterized by continuity, and change. We will be returning to Rotary traditions that have attracted and sustained members for many years, and we will be changing how we do things as we employ the lessons we have learned from the time of COVID-19. We will build on what we have learned about using technology to simplify club administration and communicate effectively with our members and our community.


I hope you will share my vision for our club:

Wilmington Rotary is a vibrant, inclusive, and growing club whose members are known for using their energy, abilities, and connections in service to our community.


I am going to ask our board and members to work toward four goals for the year:

  1. Expand our ReachWe are so much more than a group of successful women and men who enjoy each other’s company. We are Rotarians who want to improve the community we serve and the world in which we live. To do this we need to:
    ◦  Grow our membership
    ◦  Build community partnerships
    ◦  Engage around the world

  2. Increase our Ability to Adapt
    The past years and half have taught us that we need to be able to respond quickly and creatively when the world around us changes, and we need to see and seize opportunities to grow and serve our members and the Wilmington Community. In other words, we need to…
    ◦  Be creative and entrepreneurial
    ◦  Embrace change

  3. Increase our Impact
    Our club has a very long history of contributing to Wilmington. Our community service, scholarship, and education committees have ably shown the way and it is up to us to be sure that the initiatives, time and funds that members have contributed achieve significant ends. To do this we will…
    ◦  Make a difference in our community
    ◦  Focus on results

  4. Enhance Member and Partner Engagement
    People join Rotary for many different reasons. Sometimes they leave the club because they were not finding the rewards they were seeking. If ◦  we want to increase the number who stay with us, we must…
    ◦  Have fun


RI President Sekhar Mehta recently asked all Rotary Clubs around the world to, “Grow more to do more.”

Here in Wilmington, I would like to propose our theme be…

Growing together…

As a club
With our partners
With the children
With Wilmington

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Wil Sherk, President 2021 – 2022