Rotary Scholarships


Welcome to the 2023-2024 Rotary Club of Wilmington Scholarship

We appreciate and encourage your interest in applying for our annual Scholarship. Please review the criteria below. Be prepared to submit your application and supporting documents to

Any graduating senior and resident from a Wilmington high school is eligible if he/she has been accepted to a post-secondary education program at a two- or four-year school, including trade schools and meets our additional requirements: 

Qualifications for Eligibility:

  • City of Wilmington resident

  • Financial need

  • Strong Academics

  • Extra-curricular & Community Service activities

Application for 2023-2024 academic year opens Friday January 19, 2024. Applicants should download a copy and follow the detailed instructions therein. If you have any question regarding the application or the process, you may contact: Scholarship Chair Mike Staman, 302-607-9668 & Club Executive Ashley Cloud, 302-388-7176 or send your inquiry by email to:

Next steps in the Rotary Scholarship Process:

  • Application Deadline: March 29th, 2024 (by 5pm)

  • Interviews: April 13th, 2024 (Will Announce Time of Interviews)

  • Announcement of Scholarships Winners: April 22nd, 2024

  • Winners will attend a May or June Rotary Meeting: TBD


For many years the Rotary Club of Wilmington has provided various forms of loans to deserving students. In 1975, the Student Loan Fund Committee developed the necessary procedures and secured approval from club leadership to begin a scholarship program. In the 1976 – 1977 academic year, the Club granted the first scholarship of $500 to Miss Martha Berry.

In 1989, as the Club’s 75th anniversary approached, a Strategic Planning Committee assessed opportunities for community service and recommended that the Club add $200,000 to the education fund. This increase allowed the Club to provide “more meaningful” scholarships.


Thanks to the generosity of Club members over the years, the Fund maintains a strong financial position, enabling the Club to provide multiple scholarships to each year’s group of qualified and accepted candidates. Each scholarship award provides approximately $3,500 per year for each of the two to four years that the student attends a post-secondary 2-year, 4-year, or vocational program.

Our Scholarship Committee is seeking students who exhibit solid academic achievement, contribute generously to their community, and who have a financial need. We encourage you to apply and to ask for assistance if you have any questions during the process.


2023-2024 Scholarship Chair, Mike Staman, 302-607-9668

Club Executive, Ashley Cloud 302-388-7176

RCW Scholarship Application