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An award established by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Wilmington to be presented to a Rotarian who has made an outstanding

contribution or performed distinguished service in supporting and promoting the ideal of “Service Above Self” through Rotary. The award is named in honor of John F. Newnam whose Club leadership, guidance and outstanding service to Rotary

have set a standard for all Rotarians.

The award is the highest honor that our Club can present to a fellow Rotarian. All Rotarians past or present are eligible for this award. Any member of the Rotary Club of Wilmington may propose a candidate for the award to the Awards Committee who will consider nominations at least annually.

John F. Newnam 1989
S. Bernard Ableman 1990
C. Robert Taylor 1991
Harvey C. Smith Jr. 1992
William S. Hearn 1994
John J. Callaghan, Jr. 1997
Edward G. Geist 1998
Clifford G. Embley 2000
Marguerite Prueitt 2001
Joseph P. Melloy, Sr. 2002
George E. Alderman 2003
Cynthia L. Morgan 2004

Robert S. Brandt 2005

H. Murray Sawyer 2006

Robert E. Hickman 2007
Gilbert S. Scarborough, Jr. 2008
Julian H. Booker 2009
J. Cameron Yorkston 2010
Rodman B. Teeple, Jr. 2011
Richard Stat 2012
Geraldine F. Reybold 2013
Stanley M. Diver 2014
J. Kai Lassen 2015
Gwendolyn W. Sanders 2016


An award presented by the Awards Committee to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution, performed distinguished service and/or has brought special recognition or honor to the greater Wilmington community through the advancement of high ethical standards in business, professional or occupational endeavors.


Irving S. Shaprio 1978

Daniel L. Herrmann 1979

Charles L. Reece, Jr. 1981

Harvey C. Smith, Jr. 1984

Ralph E. Pearce, Jr. 1986

Charles E. Welch 1987

John M. Levinson 1988E. 

Norman Veasey 1992

Eldridge J. Waters 1995

Frederick C. Sears, II 1996

Marvin S. Gilman 1998

Jan Dill 1999

Muriel E. Gilman 2001

 William Roth, Jr. 2002

James H. Gilliam, Sr. 2003

Betsey Rawls 2004

Evelyn D. Swensson 2005

Marvin (Skip) Schoenhals 2007

Charles Parks 2008

S. Bernard Ableman 2009

Michael N. Castle 2010

Bill and Marcie Perkins 2011

Victor F. Battaglia, Sr. 2013

John H. Taylor (posthumous) 2014

George Krupanski, Jr. 2017

Charles McDowell 2018

Michelle Taylor 2022

Rotarian of the Year

This award is given at the discretion of the Rotary Club President. During his/her year, they may choose to honor a fellow Club member who has gone above and beyond in service to the Club and their fellow members.

2022 Marguerite Prueitt

Mahaffy-Miller Circle

Hugh Mahaffy joined the Wilmington Rotary Club in 1961 and attained 55 years of continuance attendance in 2016, never missing a meeting or make up from the day he became a member. In 2011 the Board of Directors honored him as the first and only member of our Club to achieve 53 years of perfect attendance. Albert L. Miller (1914 – 2004) was a member of the Wilmington Rotary Club with almost 60 years of perfect attendance, the last 15 years of which were as a member of our Club. To honor this achievement of these Rotarians, the Board of Directors established the Mahaffy-Miller Circle to recognize those members with perfect attendance.

Elizabeth A. L. Rhoads

Buck Smith