Flags For Heroes

The Rotary Club of Wilmington’s 2022 Annual Flags for Heroes Installation on the Wilmington Riverfront

From August 22nd until September 19th these flags will fly to honor all definitions of heroes in our lives. Contributions go towards our Community Service Foundation so we may continue to honor their service through our own

Hero Affiliation Honored By

Ashley Brown Cloud honoring:

• PFC Wesley Thomas “Tom” Brown, Jr., US Army WWII

his siblings David, Steve, Matt, Alice, & Richard Brown honoring:

• Lt. Werner Curt Brown II, US Army Vietnam

Cynthia Cannon Morgan honoring:

• William J Cannon, US Coast Guard

• Paul “Chip” Morgan, US Navy

Dori Reid Jacobson honoring:

• Charles E. Jacobson III, US Marine Corps Vietnam

• Mark Timothy Jacobson (deceased) courageously battled Juvenile Diabetes

• Jon C. Jacobson (deceased), US Army Vietnam

Carrie W. Gray honoring:

• CPL Matthew Tardel, US Marine Corps,

• PFC Orville Hahn, US Marine Corps (Navy Cross and Purple Heart)

• All men and women currently serving in the US Armed Forces

Ethel & Don Parsons honoring:

• Ellis Budin, US Army veteran

• Edward Budin, WWII Army veteran

Harvey C. “Buck” Smith, Jr. honoring:

• Harvey C. Smith, 1913-1992

• John W. Spicer, Jr., 1913-1990

Mike Staman honoring:

• Volunteer firefighters