Solicitation PolicY

Policy of The Rotary Club of Wilmington Regarding Solicitation of Support by Other Organizations or by Club Members on Behalf of such Organizations

The Rotary Club of Wilmington is driven by our members’ dedication to the fulfillment of our professional and personal lives through service to our community, both local and worldwide, and our unique Rotary fellowship.

The Club is contacted constantly to request that its members support many important projects or deserving not-for-profit organizations. The Board of Directors and its various committees consider these requests for the club as a whole and determine on which projects the club will focus.

This consideration is done annually with our single service project, as well as on an “as needed” basis when special circumstances arise. Typically, this includes such things as disaster appeals brought to us through Rotary International, but could also include other unanticipated requests.

In support of this, Rotary members, their guests and speakers are prohibited from soliciting from the podium or by written communication or by distribution of materials for any activity not approved in advance by the Board, or in the absence of a meeting, the President.

Out of respect for the fellowship, professional position and personal privacy of our entire membership, the Club insists that members do not utilize the Club’s membership list or Membership Directory to advertise to or solicit other members for any purpose.

The Club Directory, published annually, is intended for official Club and members’ personal use only. In accordance with Rotary International Code of Policies (November 2000 – 12.050.2) lists of clubs, their officers or committee members, or Rotarians shall not be furnished to other organizations, except to meet legal requirements of government agencies or by the assent of the Board or its executive committee.


Q: Is it okay to send a fundraising or other solicitation to all or a subset of names gathered from the Club Directory, if I don’t provide the list itself to the other organization?

A: No. Using our membership list in this manner effectively constitutes furnishing our list of members to another organization and is therefore prohibited.

Q: Is it okay for a speaker or program chair to request funds or other support on behalf of their or another organization?

A: No.

Q: What if, during Q&A following a luncheon speech, a Club member, with whatever motivation, asks the speaker “How can I/we help you or your organization?” or something to that effect. How should the speaker then respond?

A: The speaker should say something to the effect of “Thank you very much for your interest. I’d like to discuss that with you right after the meeting.”

Q: What if someone asks a member to borrow a copy of the Club Directory “just to see if I know anyone in your club”. How should the member respond?

A: Explain our policy and refrain from lending the Directory.

Q: How does the Club communicate these policies to its speakers?

A: A letter mailed to club speakers outlines in advance our policies regarding solicitations. Presenters are asked to refrain from references to commercial endorsements. Even leaders of not-for-profit organizations – e.g., a Scouting group or a public health group, are asked to use our forum to brief our members on current issues and not to solicit support.